Old Ellicott City – 6 Months Later

Old Ellicott City – Six Months Later

before after salonSix months ago today, images of the destructive force of the waters that swept through Old Ellicott City on July 30th, 2016 became international news.  In less than 30 minutes, dreams were swept away, businesses destroyed, hundreds left unemployed, residents made homeless, and two lives lost.  911 switchboards were overwhelmed with calls for help.  First responders waited impatiently on the edges of town until the flash flood waters receded.  It would be months before residents could go home and businesses rebuild.

190 residents were affected.  Those evacuated by first responders had with them only the clothes they were wearing.  Many loved pets had to be left behind to be rescued another day.

90 businesses were damaged, some completely swept away.  In the weeks that followed, people began turning in items they found along the Patapsco River, hoping to give back to someone a small piece of what they had lost.

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As clean up began, business owners, residents and volunteers stood shoulder to shoulder trying to save what they could and toss what was destroyed. For weeks, when one location was finished, they moved on to the next wearing respirator masks and hazmat suits.

In the six months that have followed since that night, more than 70 businesses have been able to reopen and most residents have gone home.  Our community is closer and stronger than ever. We are forever grateful for the support and kindness that has been shared. But with an estimated $22.4 million in property damage alone, there is still work to be done.

How can you help?  Please be our guest and come for a visit  – do a little shopping, stay for dinner. Experience the friendly and wonderful town that we call home.                                                     Ecstrong

To find out more about the funds raised and how your donations have helped us rebuild, please visit ECPartnership.org

Old Ellicott City Loves Cyclists

The Ellicott City Partnership (ECP) welcomes people on bikes and the tremendous amount of business they bring to Ellicott City’s shops and restaurants.  To that end, ECP has been working with the Howard County Government to add amenities for cyclists, including better signage to indicate shared traffic lanes through town, as well as a number of highly visible and conveniently located bike racks. These new bike racks will be installed in time for summer!
Sharrows (Share + Arrows) will be painted on Main Street to remind motorists that they share the roadshould expect to share the lane with cyclists and to remind cyclists that they can ride in mixed traffic where there is no bicycle lane. The painting of the sharrows is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29, 2016.  (There may be some minor traffic delays as the crews paint the sharrow symbols.)
Visitors should also note that Council Bill 3-2016 now prohibits bikes, skateboards and other play vehicles on the sidewalks within the historic district for pedestrian safety.