Historical Ellicott City Building History

The Firehouse Museum

“Howard County Fire Department – The Firehouse Museum” – 3829 Church Road


The Firehouse Museum, located on the corner of Church Road and Main Street, was built in 1896. Some of the original equipment housed in the first firehouse in Ellicott City included leather buckets and ropes.


Eventually, the equipment was upgraded to a pump was mounted on wheels. This may have been more efficient than buckets and ropes, but created problems for the firemen who had to either push or pull the wagon up and down Main Street.


Further improvements were made later on when a gasoline powered, two-wheeled truck was used, and this helped the firemen get to their locations faster and with little effort.


In 1924, the firehouse had purchased a new building and had acquired a new, modern, fire truck. After the move, several other county businesses were located in the building, including the Howard County Welfare Board, Sanitation, Health Department, and the first branch of the Howard County Library.


Today, the building holds the Ellicott City Firehouse Museum where visitors can take a trip through time and learn about the history of Howard County’s first firehouse.