Historical Ellicott City Building History

Howard House Pure Wine

“Howard House” 8202 Main Street

Present Day Howard House was built in 1842. For the first thirty years, the property changed hands several times. However, when Mr. and Mrs. Eckert purchased the property, they turned it into a restaurant. The restaurant became a prime eating and meeting spot for the people of 1890’s Ellicott City.


During their ownership, Mr. and Mrs. Eckert ran a successful restaurant that served amazing German food. The bar was located on the first floor and the dinning area was on the second floor.


The Eckert’s were so successful; they decided to build an addition in the 1890’s. This building became a larger dinning area that sat up to 150 people. It also was used as a venue that showed silent movies and wrestling matches in the evenings.


In 1921, the buildings were separated and sold to different people, but the door that once connected these two buildings remains.


Today, the 1890’s building holds Pure Wine Cafe, and the 1840’s building holds apartment buildings on the top floors, while the ground floor houses the Oriental Art Gallery and Pam Long Photography.