Historic Ellicott City Building History

Mt. Ida. Sarah's lane.picture-2

“Mt. Ida” – 3091 Sarah’s Lane


Mt. Ida was built in 1828 by the grandson of Andrew Ellicott, one of the founders of Ellicott City. In 1836, it was sold to Judge John Snowden Tyson and his wife, Rachel.


Mt. Ida remained in the Tyson family until their daughter, Ida, died. It was sold in 1930 to Mr. and Mrs. Louis T. Clark, who lived there until 1959.


It was originally slated to be torn down and replaced with modern office buildings, but the plans were delayed for years until the Miller Land Co. bought and restored Mt. Ida to hold the offices of the Howard County News.


Today, Historic Ellicott City, Inc. operates tours out of this beautiful building.