Historic Ellicott City Building History

Cacao Lane

“Cacao Lane” 8066 Main Street


8066 Main Street is believed to have been built sometime around 1837 by Andrew McLaughlin who, at the time, was building the Patapsco Hotel.


Not long after it was built, 8066 Main Street was divided in two and sold to different people. In 1848, Ann Hunt acquired the east section. Ann Hunt’s daughter, Elizabeth Hunt, eventually owned the property on the east and her brother, Thomas Hunt, owned the west.


Elizabeth Hunt operated a Ladies Millinery Shop, which sold women’s accessories. Thomas Hunt, on the other hand, ran Hunt’s General Store out of the west side.


In the 1970’s, Cacao Lane Restaurant, an American Bar and Grill, opened on one side of the building. The owners eventually reunited the structure and restored it to what it is today. Through the years, Cacao Lane Restaurant has expanded their business into three bars, including an outdoor deck area (open seasonally), and a beautiful dinning room all while maintaining the historical integrity of the building.