Historic Ellicott City Building History

Ellicotts Country Store

“The Alexander Walker House” 8180 Main Street


The Alexander Walker House was built in the 1790’s as a private residence. However, as was customary of the time, travelers often visited and were not turned away, much to the chagrin of Mr. Walker, who was not fond of strangers. It is even rumored that, when he fell to his death from a second story window, a visitor whom Mr. Walker had quarreled with pushed him.


In 1864 land records show that an administrator of Mr. Walker’s estate sold the property. The Walker House went on to serve as several businesses including a bootery, tavern, headquarters for the Red Cross, and the offices of C&P Telephone Company.


In 1962, The Walker House became Ellicotts Country Store. Still operating today, Ellicotts Country Store is a great place to visit and explore. They offer a wide variety of vintage and new items that are a must have for anyone’s home!